“We brought in H2 in when we started looking at additive manufacturing possibilities. They gave us outstanding insight into how it can benefit our business, and we are in the process of implementing 3D printing now. H2 is on top of the latest technologies, and they offer a fresh look at the challenge’s manufacturers face. Working with Adam everyday on the project was a pleasure. Heidi and Adam do so much for manufacturing in this community with their volunteer efforts. They’re not just in it for the money.”


“I met Heidi 8 years ago while working with Faustson to help implement lean manufacturing and ISO quality training. When H2 was formed, they had valuable expertise, and thus we added them to our short list of approved partners for Manufacturers Edge, the CO Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). We’ve contracted with H2 for a number of programs, including technology and innovation workshops, sales training, and in support of our Federal Additive Manufacturing Grant due to their expertise using additive manufacturing. H2 is a partner who helps to keep Colorado on the front end of innovative manufacturing technologies.”


“I love the way H2 did the trainings because they were so custom tailored to my specific needs and business and because they were private sessions, we were able to go at my pace (sometimes faster, sometimes slower) and they were wonderful in making sure that I understood all the information well before moving on.  They even created a sales binder for me to track all my sales calls and visits and explained in depth how to best utilize it.  Even though the entire training was incredibly helpful, I think the two best things were when we did role playing so I could learn how to handle runarounds and blocks from potential clients.  Once I was comfortable roleplaying with them, Adam took me out on actual sales calls so I could watch the process and then do the process on my own with him right there, guiding things if needed.  I found this to be absolutely invaluable.  I feel that this has increased my confidence and skill set in sales 100-fold and I'm actually excited to start doing sales calls for the business.  I have no doubt this will lead to both short term and long-term increases in our revenue which will help us grow and add more space and jobs.”


“Heidi is passionate about manufacturing, and not just for Faustson and our clients, but for all manufacturing, particularly in our state of Colorado. When she is working with other machine shop owners and managers, Heidi doesn’t look at them as competitors – she views interactions with others in the industry as collaborative. In the past decade plus that I have worked with Heidi, I continue to witness first hand her relentless pursuit in making manufacturing great here in Colorado.”


“H2 provided excellent guidance for AMPT’s entry into the world of additive manufacturing.  They have great connections throughout the industry and were able to connect us with the right players for pursuing our efforts.  H2 also provided valuable advice on our additive road map and identified several pitfalls to avoid.”