“I love the way H2 did the trainings because they were so custom tailored to my specific needs and business. I have no doubt this will lead to both short term and long-term increases in our revenue which will help us grow and add more space and jobs.”



H2 Manufacturing Solutions has over 30+ years of combined sales experience and success. We offer customized sales courses tailored to expand sales skills in both tactical and tachnical compentencies for manufacturing industries.l


  • Tactical Course

    • Establishes the fundamentals to becoming efficient, well-organized, and successful in any sales role.

    • This individual or group course will navigate through the entire sales process and provide tools on how to manage your business in sales.

  • Technical and strategy course

    • Focused on industry-specific sales for manufacturing and tailored to theyour businesses market.

    • Deeper dive into the technical world of manufacturing and consulting sales skills.

    • Customized to meet your competency level for technical sales

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