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Women in 3D Printing

Updated: May 13, 2019

H2 Manufacturing Solutions is proud to bring the new Denver chapter of Women in 3D Printing to fruition.



This is part of our ongoing effort to provide networking and education opportunities related to 3D printing and additive manufacturing to Colorado and beyond.

For details on our first meeting on Thursday, August 16, 2018 in Denver, visit the Meetup event page.

Join us for a casual get-together in August and monthly thereafter to network with and learn from members of the Women in 3D Printing community. All are welcome, from those new to 3D printing to veterans.

Our friends at ICOSA will host this event. Sponsor packages are available.

This is one of the first chapters to be established. The group is quickly growing, with more than 700 members. Initial chapters were established in San Francisco and Paris. Other new chapters being established include New York City and Winnipeg.

Learn more about Women in 3D Printing North America on Meetup, as well.

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