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We Got You

H2 and Manufacturer’s Edge, We Got You!

The outbreak of CoVID 19 has many of us scrambling, and wondering where we go to get the supplies we need. Large companies are at a huge disadvantage, with the possibilities of shut downs for organizations that have more than 250 people looming very real on the horizon, and rumors in the news about state and national borders being closed, the question of massive supply chain interruptions isn’t a matter of if, but when. Small companies face the same hurdles, but are often times positioned poorly to deal with major interruptions. This is a worst case scenario many businesses have not planned for, because it just never seemed real.

H2 Manufacturing Solutions has been monitoring the situation closely, and have been for a number of weeks, positioning ourselves by partnering with companies in various industries and sizes to work on supply chain and workforce issues. We have also partnered with Manufacturer’s Edge, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for Colorado to help your company stay lean enough to avoid shut downs, even if you face reduced numbers of staff due to illness or mandatory quarantines. The only thing we need now to help your company stay afloat, is you. Please reach out to us, even on the weekend, and we will help you assess your weaknesses and help you build a plan to deal with not just this storm, but future ones as well.

If we work as a team Colorado will keep building through this, and we will be stronger in the end.

Some Survival Tips!

We have some tips for manufacturers and other small businesses to survive CoVID 19

  1. Don’t Panic! – Take a deep breath. Just because everything seems like chaos, it doesn’t mean you can’t get through it.

  2. Shorten Your Supply Chains! – Look local for things. It may cost you more, but it might be a lot easier to keep your own deliveries on time and your customers happy. Plus you will be supporting other local companies who may also be struggling!

  3. Telecommuting! - Allow remote work for those who don’t need to be on site. Work to find state and local resources to help you and your employees cover any additional costs associated with telecommuting.

  4. Take Care of Your People! - Encourage your employees to be smart and not come into work if they are ill. Offer paid sick time (even if you currently don’t) to your employees. What is going to cost you more money, paying one or two employees sick pay, or being shut down because your entire company becomes infected and you can’t deliver products to your customers?

  5. Call your Insurance Company/Agent!– Your policy may have “Force Majeure” or “Act of God” coverages that can help your company weather the storm. This is why you have insurance, don’t be afraid to use it!

  6. Contact the Colorado Enterprise Fund! – They are there to help small Colorado Businesses get loans and Lines of Credit so they can keep operating during difficult time.

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