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My Principles of Leadership

I’m often asked by the companies we consult with what my driving principles are, and I have narrowed it down to these four. They aren’t so much leadership principles as they are principles for life. Every decision I make typically incorporates all of these principles, and very rarely just one or two.

1.) Heightened Self Awareness – Be aware of yourself in all things. Understand how your own actions, tone, and attitude affect others, and strive to be open and honest with yourself, and those around you.

2.) Ingenuity – Don’t just rely on the “We’ve never done it that way before” answer when offered a new solution. Look for opportunity in new ideas, new lines of thought, and in new places. Don’t shoot down ideas because you didn’t have them.

3.) Lead from Compassion, Not Fear – Your employees will work harder for you, and be more loyal to you if you work to treat them with compassion instead of threats. People who are scared for their jobs will work just hard enough not to get fired, but people who feel respected and cared for by their employers won’t hesitate to go the extra mile every day.

4.) Heroic Ambitions – Don’t ever be afraid to take a risk on something big. My Director of Operations refers to this one as my “Go big or get the hell out of my way” principle. Until there is actual data saying something can’t be done, always assume it can, and find a way to do it.

I hope this gives you some insight into how I run my companies, and why success is something I achieve, but never take for granted.

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