"Predictable Results Saving You Time."- Temperature Processing


H2 Manufacturing Solutions is proud to represent Colorado's premiere heat treating and metallurgic company. Services include:

  • Brazing

    • Dry-hydrogen furnace braizing

    • Induction braizing

    • Torch Braizing

    • Controlled atmosphere

  • Bright Aging

    • Capabnle to servicewide range of exotric alloys

    • Meet AMS 2774 standards

  • Bright Hardening

    • Cryongenically treated to ensure maximum performance

    • stress relieving & Anneelaing for 300-seris stainless steels

  • Cyrogenics & Uphill Quencvhing

    • Variety of thermal cylcing & cryogenic treatments

    • Controlled rates of cooling between -320°F and 500°F

  • Hot Manufold Cleaning

    • eliminates every trace of plastic, carbon, and other residues

    • saving time f rom chipping resin and eliminates risk ofdamaging tools

  • Vibrational Stress Relief

    • State of the art technology achieiving similar outcomes as heat treatment using harmonics

    • no material distoprtion

    • transportable for on site stress relief.

Contact H2 Manufacturing Solutions for all of your heat treatment needs.