Stephen has a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering, a Masters of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering, an undergraduate in both metallurgical engineering and industrial Chemistry.

Stephen has spent the last 32 years as a professor and director for Colorado School of Mines Center for Welding, Joining, and Coating Research. Prior to academia, he has worked in primary metal industry as both a production and research engineer. He also has experience in iron and steel making, product engineering and manufacturing processes, and keen sense in identifying challenges and obstacles in production environment to assist industries in analyzing process chain health and achieving enhanced productivity and process innovation. 

Stephen has released over 400 publications in journals, magazines, books, and technical reports. He has received over 40 honors and awards. He has conducted 140 keynote presentations and organized over 40 workshops and conferences.

Stephen Liu

Stephen has recently retired from his teaching career at the Colorado School of Mines and is available for high-level consulting opportunities in partnership with H2 Manufacturing Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Consulting.