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Making manufacturers' day-to-day challenges more manageable and less frustrating to achieve the best possible outcome.


"We accept your challenge. Using state-of-the-art technology to manufacture the impossible."

Faustson Tool is a worldwide leader in five-axis manufacturing technology. Our five- axis milling and multi-axis EDM capabilities offer the precision needed to manufacture the most challenging applications known to the machining industry. Faustson Tool also offers a variety of three and four-axis milling as well as turning capabilities to assist in the efficient production of standard part solutions. We specialize and currently service the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense, Energy, Medical and Semiconductor industries.

The latest addition to Faustson’s portfolio is state-of-the-art 3D metal printing. Please contact H2 Manufacturing Solutions to learn more about this cutting edge technology that can save you time and money during the design phase of your metal manufacturing projects. 3D metal printing is a game changer. Change your game.

Faustson Equipment Overview:


Merrick Machine Co.

Merrick Machine Company manufactures a full line of automated machine tools for the housing industry. There are two major lines of equipment: Triad Wall Building Systems & Ruvo Door Machines.


Triad Line: Wall Panel Equipment

Since 1960, Triad has been the builders' source for automated machine tools for the housing industry, including: 

  • Wall Panel Equipment for Wood Framing
  • Wall Panel Equipment for Steel Framing
  • Stair Equipment
  • Material Handling Carts & More   
To view a list of Triad equipment:


Ruvo Line: Pre-Hung Door equipment (Interior & Exterior)


Since purchasing the Ruvo Door Equipment Co. in 1990, the Merrick Machine Co. has refined & expanded the Ruvo machine product line for door & millwork shops. As a result, Ruvo machines have become an integral part of the industry throughout the world.

To view a list of Ruvo equipment:


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